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About us

Calabria2Vacation is an Italian Company concerned with providing exclusive Calabrian Vacation Rentals to the prospective Holidaymaker! The Business itself is maintained from a local footing in the traditional township of Pizzo Calabro, Southern Italy comprised entirely of local individuals, affording invaluable local knowledge and personable local charm to our daily business processes.

All our Members are fully qualified and accredited Professionals. We are also locally concerned family members and active within our vibrant community. Our local footing and position in the community allows us to regularly identify the most exclusive and delectable Properties made available for Vacation Rental.

Furthermore we consider it a great privilege to represent the interests of local Calabrese Families on the International Market and we accomplish ourselves with integrity and diligence in this regard. Each Property presented for Vacation Rental has been diligently qualified by ourselves prior to being furnished on the Marketplace.

Throughout we work with the Home Owners closely to ensure their Property is well-appointed and maintained to the highest standards of modern Italian living and convenience at all times always remaining keenly aware that our Business thrives on foot of recommendations and word of mouth. This being so, we ensure that each Holidaymaker is well attended to and fully satisfied with the Calabria2Vaction Service received.